Trim N Stitch now introducing Aircraft Interior Stitching Re-Trims and Designs.

As a well-established leather repair company we have contracts to maintain leather aircraft interiors nationwide from small planes to private & company jets.

Airplane Interior

Trim N Stitch supplies aircraft interiors and seats to the aerospace community through a combination of innovative designs, manufacturing excellence, and a personal commitment to our employees and customers.

We are a new company for the Aircraft Community, but our heritage goes back more than 30 years. Over that time, we have designed and manufactured interior products for nearly every vehicle and small private aircrafts – from seats to galleys, lavatories, sidewalls, ceilings and more.


Inspect, repair, overhaul and modify entire range of aircraft seating to include crew seats and all classes of passenger seats as well as VIP seating


Inspection, repair, overhaul or fabrication of sidewall panels, overhead bins, ceiling panels, bulkheads, windscreens, dado panels.


With the increased complexity of today’s commercial aircraft, allowing our expert interior technicians to perform your interior functions frees up your skilled technicians to focus on other tasks.


Trim N Stitch offers complete Engineering and assistance services. We can provide design service, drawings and material analysis to assist you in your owner produced design efforts.

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